MG Trade Engineering addresses a large range of farmers, starting with those who need to store 1000 tonnes of grains up to those who requite facilities for storing hundreds of thousands of tonnes. Additionally, we design and supply the equipment needed for feed mills, flour mills and complete installations for seed conditioning.

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Grain silos ro

Most bins delivered by us have been equipped with a full floor for aerating and even drying of the grain.

Flat bottom grain silos

Hopper bottom grain silos

Top Dry (dryer-silo)

Grain dryers ro

Grain drying would not be required if harvesting could take place when the seeds have reached to right humidity for long term storage. Because there are many factors which can influence harvesting, dryers are commonly used as they offer flexibility to harvest when needed.

Tower dryers

Top Dry (dryer-silo)

Grain handling equipment ro

Conventional grain handling is done with elevators, conveyors and distributors.

Chain conveyors

Belt conveyors

Pre-cleaners with aspiration

Flat sieve cleaners

Gravitational selectors

Flat storage equipment ro

A warehouse can be used to fulfill multiple task at the same time. One can park machinery inside, can use it as a workshop. Also, a warehouse can be be split into compartments, so one can store many types of products simultaneously.

Flat storage belt conveyors
systems for automatic warehouse loading made up belts, trippers and deviators

Portable stirring robot

Handling equipment for feed mills
tubular flexible or enclosed augers for all kinds of feed


Continuous flow seed treaters

Vision control system